Dodekin is a fully-human immunostimulatory product consisting of a vascular targeting antibody fused to the human cytokine interleukin-12 (IL12).

Recombinant IL12 has potent anti-cancer activity, but its therapeutic use is limited by associated toxicities. However, the site-selective delivery of IL12 to the sub-endothelial extracellular matrix in tumor blood vessels allows to drastically improve the therapeutic index of this cytokine.

Quantitative biodistribution studies of Dodekin have shown a preferential uptake of the molecule in tumor tissues compared to healthy organs. Preclinical studies in several immunocompetent murine models of cancer have shown that this immunocytokine has a potent anti-tumor activity and is able to induce long-lasting tumor eradication. It further potentiates the action of other therapeutic agents such as immunological checkpoint inhibitors.

In a recently established collaboration with the University Hospital Zurich, the murine surrogate of Dodekin has demonstrated a striking single-agent anti-cancer activity in preclinical models bearing orthotopic glioblastoma. The treatment induced long-term tumor eradications in a substantial proportion of the treated animals.


  • A phase I study to evaluate safety and early signs of efficacy of Dodekin in patients with advanced solid carcinomas and DLBCL after previous immune-checkpoint blockade therapy (NCT04471987).



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